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Women are powerful individuals who, throughout their lives, attempt to juggle jobs, children a social life, house duties and not to mention other halves! Life for women can become insanely hectic.


But here at Stackers we understand the strain of trying to balance so many different things. So guess what? We have come up with a few solutions to help you manage the minor things in life. Getting you organised and keeping you that way! To prevent wasting time, making more time for the things that you love most!


clutch bag


Our new Cleaver Living collection has finally arrived! We have designed a variety of luxurious products to help you through the madness of everyday life. Each of the products are available in three gorgeous neutrals, Black, Blush and Taupe. Enabling them to be worn on every occasion with any colour!



The Clutch Bag


open clutch bag


This luxury faux leather Clutch Bag is perfect for the office and for nights out on the town. A brilliant transitional bag that suits every event. The Clutch Bag has compartments for all the office necessities; a secure phone pocket, a pocket that can hold a small tablet and a pen loop.

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