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Summer finally feels like it is on its way, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Spring seems like the perfect time to get organised and your house in order, giving you time to enjoy those long summer nights without having to think about tidying up.





We women seem to have a growing love for makeup and playing around with different looks and brands, with this comes the need for somewhere to put all our lovely new pallets, foundations and lipsticks… not to mention the highlighter, moisturisers, eyeliners and so on!



So, we designed the Cosmetic Storage Collection, the starting point being the caddy. Here you can store your daily makeups and creams, then add layers below to make room for your other lesser used makeup. You can also add matching brush holders to tie in too.



Jewellery storage

Our core collection has always been about storing your jewellery and finding ways that best suit you and your personal collections. Our jewellery boxes come in three different sizes across a number of colours. Create your own by choosing the best layers to suit your collection, then stack them to create the jewellery box.




We have also recently launched our blush and taupe colours in supersize, so have a peak at those if you haven’t already!



Home office // stationary


Finding cute stationary storage can prove a little tricky, yet our trinket boxes are ideal, of course in true Stackers form they stack (and interstack between the sizes) and can fit all your post its, pencils and other stationary in them! It is a great way to keep you home office or desk tidy and organised, plus we have new illustrated lids for the collection in blush and grey, opening up your options even further.





When going on holiday you need to be super organised with flight times, passports, packing etc. So, we decided to make your jewellery packing and organising an absolute breeze with our travel jewellery boxes. These are available in three sizes depending on how much jewellery you like to take with you.




Phone stand


A huge part of getting (and more importantly staying) organised with making sure everything has a place. Our phone stand is a great example, originally designed for either bedside or desk top, the phone stand has a popper at the back to hold your charger in place to make charging a breeze. It also has a spot in the front for your rings if you take them off when sleeping or typing.


We have how ever seen then used in the kitchen when cooking, following recipes on the phone and keeping your jewellery clean and safe at the same time, alternatively we have seen it in the bathroom when having a bath!






Keep your daily jewellery safe & sound, that’s your watche, bracelets and a spot underneath for rings or necklaces. Great to keep next to your bed so your jewellery doesn’t fall off you bedside table and get lost during the night.

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